Newsletter Sep 29, 2010

Only 34 Days Left

Dear Supporter,

There are just 34 days left until Election Day!

Dr. Coburn needs your help.

The media is already counting the victories they assume will occur on November 2. It is considered a foregone conclusion that conservatives will gain enough votes to take over the House of Representatives, governor’s mansions across the nation, and most statewide offices in Oklahoma.

None of this will happen, though, if we assume the victory is already won. It is not.

Volunteers, like you, are already making a big difference in Dr. Coburn’s campaign, and there is a lot of work remaining before November. If you are willing, we need your help in the following areas:
  • Calling- The Coburn team has already begun call nights in Tulsa, Oklahoma City, and Muskogee and will be adding locations soon. If you would like to join us, email us at: Also, calling lists can be e-mailed or mailed directly to you so that calls can be made from your own home (within your local calling area). As we approach the final weeks and days, the number of volunteers needed will increase substantially;

  • Attend Events- There are numerous Fall events, including festivals, fairs, parades, and football games. This past weekend, our teams walked in parades in Grove, Alva, and Chelsea and attended events from Pauls Valley to Wagoner. This week, we will be at the Czech Festival in Yukon, the Tulsa State Fair, and many other great events.

  • Put a sign in your yard- Having a sign in your yard is one of the most simple and effective ways to influence your neighbors. By clicking here, you can get a list of locations where signs can be picked up. If you do not see your county on the list, and are willing to store signs for others to pick up, let us know. Also, if you can deliver signs to those calling or emailing my office, it will be a tremendous help. Finally, if you have property along major highways and would like a larger sign, email the campaign headquarters in Muskogee at or call 918-684-4308.

  • Request a bumper sticker for your car – Stickers can be mailed to you for your vehicle or picked up at yard sign pick up location.

  • Donate- Every dollar will help us inform voters, purchase television and radio ads, and help get the word out about other like minded candidates around the nation. You can donate securely by clicking here.
On November 2, we have a real opportunity to change to course of our nation and show those who support reckless spending and big government that Oklahomans see things differently. On November 3rd, we begin the hard work of holding all candidates accountable to their commitments.

Coburn for Senate Team


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